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Currently, there are seven Sharing Contract (PSC)

who has committed to the exploration and exploitation

of unconventional oil and gas working areas in 2014. However, Indonesia's energy needs seems still not

being met.


Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM )

said, needs of oil fuel (BBM ) is still not ideal when

compared to oil and gas working areas. Because

the needs of fuel will continue to rise each year.


As mentioned that the exploration and exploitation

of oil and gas exploration should ideally reach 10-15

new exploration every year. To increase production,

the exploration is needed, because the use of
of exploration can only be felt after 10 years. In

addition , the fuel needs continue to increase each

year and become a problem of the government into increasing production through exploration.


Therefore, the Minister of ESDM requested the entire

PSC who have done agreement for exploration

and exploitation conventional oil and gas working

areas in 2014, to be able to do the job directly.

ENGKA ENERGI Policy is managing all operations

and give work supervision in a manner protecting

the health, safety and environment of all employees,
customers, contractors and the public. It aims to improving the work condition, ensuring good service

to our partner and give some donation from the profit

of the company.


Our company strives to provide priority for the Health, Safety and Environmental Protection when doing
activities. Health, Safety and Environmental Policy of

the company was considered as important factor for assessing the quality and professionalism of our management.

Our company conduct activities in development
through communication and information to the

parties concerned and are more likely to lead

to other forms of philanthropy from the company.

There are at least three important reasons why
business community must respond and develop
social responsibility issues in line with its
business operations.
First, the company is a part of the community
and therefore natural that the company consider

the interests of society.
Secondly, businesses and communities should
have a relationship that is mutually beneficial.
Third, social responsibility is one of the ways
to reduce or even avoid social conflict.

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