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Oil & Gas Consultant

Mineral Exploration 

Mining Consultant 

      ENGKA ENERGI provide integrated Project Management for 2D/3D Seismic Data Acquisition for land, marine
      and transition zone. Quality Control for Seismic Data Processing, G&G Consultant, QC Team and Permit man
      for Seismic Data Acquisition, We provide professional personnels of Geologist, Petrophysicist, Data Engineer,
      Mud Logger, Safety Man, etc.

      ENGKA ENERGI having personnel able to assist oil company make budget draft of project preparation,
      orientation and seismic design especially for preparation work seismic.

      One of capabilities of ENGKA ENERGI and our colleagues is helping the client in the license arrangements;
      Plantation/Forestry, Local Companies in the areas of survey, Principles Permit/Recommendations from
      Local Government and other Permit associated with the implementation of the work.

      ENGKA ENERGI provide professional personnel to build of explosives storage, and an additional including
      management of explosives license and distribution.

      Experience and awareness of the importance of developing relations with all parties in the world exploration,
      has provide opportunities to add ability of ENGKA ENERGI in handled permit and public relations problem.

      ENGKA ENERGI have a number of personnel are reliable to prepare ; Work Permit, Public Relation,
      Government Relation and Supporting of Work Security Relations.

Onshore - Offshore Survey 

Environmental Study 

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