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ENGKA ENERGI provide integrated Project Management for 2D/3D Seismic Data
Acquisition for land, marine and transition zone. Quality Control for Seismic Data
Processing, G&G Consultant, QC Team and Permitman for Seismic Data Acquisition,
We provide professional personnels of Geologist, Petrophysicist, Data Engineer,
Mud Logger, Safety Man, etc.
By using the latest exploration techniques we can assist in providing the best
exploration of minerals in a cost-efficient and more effective ways.
By understanding the type of mineralization and ore characteristics we will provide
the results of exploration and ore that can be trusted with the implementation
of a shorter duration.
We can assist your company in terms of assessment of mining areas that you have
and provide information on the feasibility of the area before the acquisition.
Drilling Exploration, Estimation resources Play in JORC procedures, drilling system,
correlation seam of coal, data well log analysis, review procedures, encourage
discussion, and maintaining drilling progress reports in exploration team.
We can supply you with services including comprehensive planning, surveying,
mapping, geographic information systems, design, and site inspection, environmental
and project management. One of our key strengths is our commitment to build
long-term relationships with our clients.
We believe environmental responsibility goes beyond regulatory compliance;
it is an integral part of our corporate citizenship.
Our ability to deliver projects worldwide has been a keystone of our success,
and we are an important constituent of the many communities where we work.
Our goal is to design and deliver projects that benefit these communities
while protecting their natural resources.
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