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Oil & Gas Consultant


Mineral Exploration 

Mining Consultant 

     Mine Planning and Mine Scheduling, with the support of skilled labor and the best computer software,
     we will provide mine planning and mine scheduling in the most effective and efficient.

     By minimizing the opening area and optimization and mineral ores through the use of the potential methods
     of "blending strategy" that will provide added value for existing reserves.

     Petrified management company in determining the company's development strategy for the planning and
     setting reserves to be mined and to provide an overview of potential reserves, for example, mine life, the amount
     of volume for each level, to plan for contract work to third parties, to plan the type and usage efficient equipment
     and planning a sales contract.

     Data Validation and Block Modeling, with the support of reliable data and has been validated to provide a high
     degree of assurance that mineral reserves are held. We will ensure that data is further process is free from error.

     Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Grade Control, The mining industry, both here and internationally,
     is continually developing increasingly sophisticated software to compute mineral resource estimates,
     but these processes cannot compensate for a flawed geological interpretation of the geology of the economic
     commodity(s) concentrations.

     Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) is becoming increasingly common in association with the sampling
     and assaying practices within the industry. However, it is rare in the case of a geological interpretation associated
     with mineral resource estimation.

Onshore - Offshore Survey 

Environmental Study 

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