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      Our company undertakes to give priority to Health, Safety
      and protection of the Environment when carrying out its

      Company policy is to ensure the activity in a manner that
      protects the environment and health and safety of employees,
      customers, contractors and the public.

       It aims to:

      •   Safe work condition.

      •   Giving to profitability for company and customer.

      •   Advise each employee of Health, Safety and Environmental
           requirements and their accountable for safety performance.

      •   Ensuring that all employees have had good health through
           checking for their health and also working in the good condition.

      •   To minimize environmental and health impacts and provide
           workplaces free of recognized safety hazards.

      •   Comply with all laws and regulations governing safety, health
           and environmental protection.

      •   Provide professional staff and giving the appropriate training
           to monitoring for safety, health and environmental performance.

      •   Monitor, evaluate and report performance in safety, health and
           environmental protection.


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