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Oil & Gas Consultant

Mineral Exploration 

Mining Consultant 

      By using the latest exploration techniques we can assist in providing the best exploration of minerals in a cost-
      efficient and more effective ways.

      By understanding the type of mineralization and ore characteristics we will provide the results of exploration
      and ore that can be trusted with the implementation of a shorter duration.·

      Nickel Laterite Drilling and Supervision, as a company with one of our specialty in the exploration of Laterite
      Nickel Ore, we will give the best results for your company.

      We truly understand the characteristics Laterite Nickel Ore exploration in order to deliver results more accurate
      and reliable since the initial research to the mining preparation stage.
      Quick Survey and Coal Surface Mapping, Drilling Exploration, Estimation resources Play in JORC procedures,
      drilling system, Correlation seam of coal, data well log analysis, review procedures, encourage discussion,
      and maintaining drilling progress reports in exploration team.


Onshore - Offshore Survey 

Environmental Study 

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