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     1. Quality Policy

            ENGKA ENERGI is committed to proactive leadership
            in quality through:
            •   Understanding the requirements for every product or service.
            •   Meeting our commitments to our customers; on time and on budget.
            •   Planned, efficient operations.
            •   Continuous improvement.
            •   Excellence in Training.
            •   Strong Teamwork.
            •   Eliminating errors and rework.

     2. Quality Way

           Our program succeeds though the absolute commitment to

           the principles of Quality. Our program is:

           •   Planned and systematic.
           •   Organized.
           •   Documented.
           •   Recognized.
           •   A main frame for our decisions, display policies, established

                goals, and training.
           •   Responsive to suggestions, stop cards.
           •   Continually evaluating the improvement processes.

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